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Renewable Propane Alliance

A true consortium, the Renewable Propane Alliance
comprises innovative thought leaders from across the propane industry.

Renewable Energy Production and Wildfire Mitigation Efforts

June 26, 2023|

Wildfires have been in the news lately, with the blazes in Canada causing significant air quality issues in the eastern United States. Wildfires put lives and homes at risk, and they release a massive amount of carbon and other harmful products into the air.

Renewable Propane Feedstocks 101

May 26, 2023|

How do renewable propane producers create a product that offers the efficient, clean-burning energy generation of conventional propane while massively lowering its carbon intensity?

Propane Industry Leads the Way in Green Innovation

April 18, 2023|

From landfill plastic to agricultural waste, renewable fuel is coming from unexpected places. Tucker Perkins of the Propane Education & Research Center (PERC) has said that “the path to a low-carbon future is paved with innovation.”

What is Renewable Propane Autogas?

March 13, 2023|

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), roughly 27 percent of this country’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. That is the highest percentage for any sector.

What Is Renewable Propane Made From?

February 9, 2023|

One of the reasons that renewable propane (rPG) is so promising as a means for lowering carbon emissions is that it can be blended with conventional propane and used in unmodified propane-fired equipment.

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